For wine lovers who enjoy wine at the ideal drinking temperature. Made of double-walled stainless steel, it maintains the wine at optimum temperature for up to 24h without altering its organoleptic characteristics and optimizing its conservation. It has a capacity of 750 ml, it’s 100% leak-proof and it’s light and resistant. Carry your red, white or rosé wine easily anywhere. WINE rebootle is the perfect option to enjoy a glass of wine at every unique occasion. Enjoy wine at its best and take the first steps towards the zero waste culture!

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BPA free (no migrations), ECO (stainless steel), food safe, suitable for hot and cold drinks , keeps drinks colds for 24 hours & hot 18 hours, not retain odors or flavors. 



Net weight

392 g


750 mL


Stainless steel double wall + silicone ring