We established The Mewstone Candle Company in 2016 and have been fanatical about making beautiful and quirky fragranced candles ever since.

Not being able to find fun fragranced candles on the market we decided to take matters into our own hands and started getting a little creative. Chaos ensued for many months until one wet and windy afternoon in October there was an excited yelp from the candle kitchen as we finally got it right!

We then had to come up with a name and brand, which was where the real story comes in to play. Following the loss of my Mum there were some words she shared in her last week.

"I am coming back as a seagull and will always be there out on the cliffs soaring high up over the Mewstone, if you need me that's where you'll find me, so keep looking up and keep looking out".

… And that was when the Mewstone Candle Company was born...

Ever since we started selling our candles at local craft fairs and events we have tinkered away, perfecting every candle, as we pour a whole lot of care into each and every one, so you get to experience what we have always been dedicated to since day one. Each candle is hand mixed, hand poured, labelled and packed and that's how we plan to keep it.

Take a look at our store and remember every time you buy from a small company like ours, we do a little celebratory dance as it takes us one step closer to making our hobby a real business.